Circuit Pro 3-Way Coilover Kit

Ksport Circuit Pro 3-Way Coilovers are the top of the line system for enthusiasts and professionals alike who require maximum performance and durability. With years of engineering, testing and development, the Circuit Pro 3 Way Coilover system has been perfected in virtually every facet of motorsports, ranging from drifting to time attack and even circuit driving. The uncompromising range of adjustability on the system makes it possible to win at the track while also being suitable for daily driving. Each Ksport Circuit Pro Coilover Kit has been dyno tested individually and the results can be requested with the system at the time of purchase to aid in coilover tuning. Compression and rebound damping can be adjusted separately as well as nitrogen pressure and high and low speed damping for 11,664 possible settings. External reservoirs allow for additional shock oil/nitrogen gas capacity and reduced shock oil temperatures during extended track use. Ksport Circuit Pro 3-Way Coilovers also include Camber/caster adjustable top mounts on McPherson type suspension vehicles.

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