Air Suspension


Bolt-on Air Suspension kits offering comfort and performance


High quality air bags, proven to handle the stress of daily driving. These work with most air management systems on the market, allowing you to save money by replacing only a damaged or worn air strut instead of an entire kit. Crafted from high quality metals and rubber compounds, these air struts offer the strength you need for heavy-duty use with superior resistance against becoming compromised from road contaminants. 

19-21 Toyota Corolla Air Suspension - Airtech Basic


The Ksport Airtech Basic Air Suspension System is designed for easy bolt on-installation with no modifications to OEM shock absorbers or OEM top mounts required, making it the perfect choice for those who want a complete bare bones, direct bolt-on air suspension system. This system features high quality air bags capable of withstanding both daily driving and track use, a Viair 444c Compressor and a manual paddle valve system with basic front and rear up/down operation from the switch panel.

19-21 Toyota Corolla Air Suspension - Airtech Deluxe


Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension improves upon our Airtech Basic kit with upgrades to enhance performance and comfort. This includes everything from our Basic kit as well as two electronic switches for more precise control over manual paddle valves and a wireless remote control. Adjustable lower mounts allow height to be set further down at a point which does not compromise suspension travel so it’s easy to cruise potholed streets at a lowered ride height without you, your suspension components, or sensitive vehicle electronics taking a pounding

19-21 Toyota Corolla Air Suspension - Airtech Pro Plus


Airtech Pro Plus Air Suspension offers all the benefits of our value systems but adds 4-wheel independent ride height adjustment via an OLED remote control. This enhancement allows the system to automatically adjust your ride height (psi based) while keeping the car level. In addition, Pro Plus provides faster response, high-tech digital features and automatic load leveling that operates solely on the monitoring and adjustment of air spring pressure.

19-21 Toyota Corolla Air Suspension - Airtech Pro Plus


Our top of the line system, the Airtech Executive Air Suspension kit includes all of the benefits of our Pro Plus System but adds 4 height sensors that mount to each corner of the car for load leveling based on actual ride height. These sensors automatically adjust your ride height while driving to keep the car level no matter what load the vehicle carries. In addition, Executive kits add independent control of each individual air bag with a remote that can be charged with either the included car charger or any standard mini USB.


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