Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension Full System

Air Suspension just got better with the Ksport Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension system. Improving upon the Ksport Basic kit, we’ve added several upgrades to enhance performance and comfort. The Airtech Deluxe system includes everything from our best value Airtech Basic as well as two electronic switches for more precise control over manual paddle valves and a wireless remote control.  KSport air suspension kits give you the widest variety of choices, and they give you the most useful features when it comes to ride height drop and controllability. Set your air springs at stock ride height for comfortable everyday driving or drop them 4.7 to 7.8 inches depending on vehicle application. Adjustable lower mounts allow height to be set further down at a point which does not compromise suspension travel so it’s easy to cruise potholed streets at a lowered ride height without you, your suspension components, or sensitive vehicle electronics taking a pounding. All Hoses, wiring, and installation manuals are included with Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension.

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