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Ksport Lowering Springs

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Ksport GT lowering springs have been designed to give your car superior handling with an aggressive race look. Most other brands use a linear rate, but Ksport utilizes a progressive rate for several reasons. A progressive rate allows a plush comfortable ride under normal travel, but since the rate shifts higher during compression, it stops "body roll" during heavy braking, hard acceleration, or fast cornering. By lowering the center of gravity from OE height you dramatically improve performance and handling characteristics.



Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSAC01 Acura Integra 1990-1993 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $232

Part No: LSAC01

Front Drop:= 2.5″ – Rear Drop:= 2.25″

Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSCV08 Chevrolet Camaro 2010-Current Ksport GT Lowering Springs (V6) $0 $260

Part No: LSCV08

Front Drop:=1″; Rear Drop:=1.3″; Notes:=V6

Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSHD07 Honda Accord 1990-1997 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $260

Part No: LSHD07

Front Drop:=2.25″; Rear Drop:=2.25″

LSHD23 Honda Accord 2008-2012 Ksport GT Lowering Springs (V6 only) $0 $260

Part No: LSHD23

Front Drop:=1.9″; Rear Drop:=1.4″

LSHD01 Honda Civic / CRX 1988-1991 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $232

Part No: LSHD01

Front Drop:=2.5″; Rear Drop:=2.25″

Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSMZ05 Mazda 6 2003-2006 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $260

Part No: LSMZ05

Front Drop:=1.5″; Rear Drop:=1.4″

Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSMT06 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1999 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $260

Part No: LSMT06

Front Drop:=2″; Rear Drop:=2″

Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSNS22 Nissan 240sx 1995-1998 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $260

Part No: LSNS22

Front Drop:=1.8″; Rear Drop:=1.8″

LSNS09 Nissan Sentra 1995-1999 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $260

Part No: LSNS09

Front Drop:=2″; Rear Drop:=2″

Product ID Part    MSRP Price Note
LSVW06 Volkswagen Golf 2006-2009 Ksport GT Lowering Springs $0 $260

Part No: LSVW06

Front Drop:=2″; Rear Drop:=2″



Warranty Information – Lowering Springs

Ksport Lowering Spring products are warrantied against manufacturer defects for a period of 12 months from the original purchase date. Under Ksport discretion we will repair or replace any products that show evidence of manufacturer defects.

Always be sure to keep your original sales receipt! All warranty claims require your original purchase documentation. Products purchased from an unauthorized dealer are not covered under warranty. No exceptions.

Warranty Limitations

The following is not covered under Ksport’s warranty policy:

  • • Product with serial number removed
  • • Product with cut coils
  • • Product wear and tear (ex. Rubber or urethane bushings)
  • • Product with damage due to neglect or abuse (ex. Bent, cracked, etc)
  • • Product that has not been installed correctly
  • • Product damaged in a car accident
  • • Product that has been customized (ex. Painted, powdercoated, etc)
  • • Product with signs of rust or other corrosion due to improper upkeep
  • • Product that has had attempted repair by another unauthorized party

If you need service on your Lowering Spring system:

All service is performed in our Gilbert, Arizona facility. Products that require service must be sent to us. If you would like to send your product in for service, please download and fill out the form below to being the process.
Download Service Form PDF Document

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