Pillowball Mounts

Ksport Pillowball Mounts

Ksport is the leader in aftermarket automotive suspension for over 15 years …and we’re just getting started

Ksport Pillowball Mounts Features

Pillowball top mounts are essential to a high performance suspension system. The spherical-joint pillowball allows for a much less compliant connection between the body/chassis and suspension. By stiffening this connection, the driver feels more connected and in tune with the vehicle and is able to make steering corrections with much more confidence.

The Standard Pillowball allows for camber adjustment on most vehicles, while the Advanced Pillowball will allow for both camber and caster adjustment. Being able to quickly and easily adjust suspension alignment is a critical part of race vehicle preparation, and if you’re serious about vehicle performance these high quality steel and aircraft grade aluminum pillowball mounts will definitely suit your needs.

High quality pillowball bearing
Pillowball bearings help aid in steering responsiveness and are far more durable than rubber or plastic oem mounts. To help reduce noise our Kontol Pro pillowballs come with a rubberized coating over the metal.
Patented design helps combat noise while turning
Many coilovers with pillowball bearings can make noises while turning or going over slight bumps at low speed. Our new design helps to prevent that unlike other coilover system on the market.
Camber and Caster adjustments
Our 3D pilloball mounts come standard with camber and caster adjustment for the ultimate in adjustability for your track car.
12 Month Limited Warranty
Pillowball Mounts come standard with an 12 month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.