Air Jack

Ksport Air Jack

Ksport is the leader in aftermarket automotive suspension for over 15 years …and we’re just getting started

Ksport Air Jack Features

Ksport racing pneumatic air jack is a must have for any serious racer looking to decrease pit time at the track. The unit is made from quality aluminum and weighs only 5lbs. each.
High quality fitting
Forget fittings make sure there is an air tight seal when your line in connected.
High load rating
Each air jack can support up to 550kg (1210lb) load. Use that information to figure out how many air jacks you’ll need for your application.

Lightweight aluminum construction

Our atr jack weigh in at only 1.3kg (2.6lb)
12 Month Limited Warranty
Air Jack come standard with an 12 month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.