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Style, comfort and performance.


Style, comfort and performance.

ksport kontrol pro coilover system

Our most popular coilovers for the street and light track use, the Kontrol Pro is the perfect choice for those seeking a lowered stance as well as improved handling and response. Featuring 36 levels of damping adjustment, the Kontrol Pro system allows you to perfectly dial in your ride quality for performance without sacrificing ride quality. Ride height can be lowered up to 4” depending on application.

kontrol sport coilover

Kontrol Sport builds off the key features of our top selling Kontrol Pro system, including 36 levels of damping adjustment for fine tuning, and adds 30% stiffer valving and spring rates to deliver the same quality with a more aggressive and direct feel. This results in tighter cornering and quicker response times making this an ideal coilover system for aggressive street and intermediate track use.  

ksport gt-pro coilover kit

The GT Pro systems feature the same proven technology as our Kontrol Pro coilovers, with enhancements for improved lifespan and durability. GT Pro features large 55mm shock bodies (compared to standard 20mm) as well as an inverted front design which moves the gas/oil chamber farther away from the knuckle and braking system reducing heat transfer and allowing the kit to run much cooler. 

ksport kontrol plus 2-way coilover

The key component to the system is its utilization of remote reservoirs that provide separate adjustments for rebound and compression, as well as nitrogen gas pressure. With over 864 possible settings the Kontrol Plus 2-Ways provide the ultimate in adjustability for enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking the maximum in performance and durability without sacrificing ride quality.


Built to perform. 


Built to perform. 

Ksport Formula Drift Nissan 350z Coilovers
ksport slide kontrol drift coilovers

Coilovers designed to handle the abuse of the drift circuit. Vehicles with MacPherson type suspensions will benefit from inverted larger 55mm diameter struts, steel lower mounts, and heavy duty pillowball mounts with camber adjustment. Slide Kontrol is one of the strongest coilover applications on the market and have been proven to preform on the Formula Drift Circuit.

photo of ksport version rr coilovers

Version RR was thoughtfully designed for road racing and/or cars with extreme stance. The system features aggressive spring rates and shock valving for maximum handling and performance with acute reaction and unparalleled responsiveness on the track. Ride height can be lowered 2″-4.7″ depending on application. Custom spring rates are available.

photo of ksport version dr coilovers

The DR Kit is built off our race proven Version RR Coilovers with internal changes to accommodate the rigors of drag. All kits are custom valved for drag racing with appropriate spring rates chosen to maximize traction and regulate weight transfer. With proven performance on the drag strip, the Version DR Coilovers will reduce Elapsed Time and 60 Ft times –  the ideal system for serious drag race vehicles.

photo of ksport circuit pro 3-way adjustable coilovers

Our top of the line system for serious track use. Compression and rebound damping can be adjusted separately as well as nitrogen pressure and high and low speed damping for 11,664 possible settings. External reservoirs allow for additional shock oil/nitrogen gas capacity and reduced shock oil temperatures during extended track use. Camber/caster adjustable top mounts are included on MacPherson type suspension vehicles.


For those who love playing in the dirt


For those who love playing in the dirt

ksport rally coilovers on subaru
Asphalt Rally Coilovers - AR Spec

This system features extended stroke, heavy-duty internals, and simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment. Large diameter pistons inside the shock allow for added oil capacity for increased cooling efficiency. Carefully selected spring rates and shock damping settings help to stabilize the vehicle and easily absorb bumps caused by uneven roads for a superior ride quality. Ride height can be adjusted -0.5” to -3.0” from factory depending on application.

ksport gravel rally coilovers

Built to handle the abuse of the gravel rally racing circuit. The system features a lengthened shock stroke combined with longer springs (ranging from 250mm to 270mm) which allow it to easily absorb uneven road conditions. In addition, this system also features heavy duty steel top hats and lower mounts for added strength and durability. Ride height can be adjusted +/- 30mm from OE ride height.


Control your performance.


Control your performance.

Photo of Ksport Fully Adjustable Coilover
Coilover Spring for Ksport Fully Adjustable Coilover Systems


Whether you’re looking to replace worn coilover springs or want to alter performance and handling, we have a wide array of springs to suit your suspension needs. All Ksport coilover springs are made from silicon chrome which is extremely strong and durable and offers a comfortable ride quality.

coilover component photo


Replacement parts including Dust Boots, Metal and Rubber Pillowballs, Pillowball Assemblies, Spring Perch Locking Collars, Bushings, Shocks, hardware and more are readily available to ensure your suspension investment lasts.

coilover replacement shock


Blown or damaged shocks? Instead of buying a whole new coilover or sending it off to get rebuilt, you can replace the shock yourself to get back on the road quickly. The installation process is painless and allows for you to get the most out of your coilover system. 

ksport coilover lower mount replacement


Although uncommon, lower mounts may need to be replaced when vehicles see heavy track use or have been involved in an accident. In the event of a necessary replacement, we have high quality lower mounts on hand to keep you on the road.

ksport electronic damping kit


Ksports Electronic Damping Cancellation kit prevents ECU failure when suspension is upgraded to Ksport suspensions. The Ksport Electronic Damping Kits cancels the factory damper signal which would results in a service light.


Let us help you select the correct coilover for your application.



Coilovers vary greatly based on a variety of attributes. A few things you want to consider would be what the purpose of your build is (so that you can choose coilovers that offer the ideal benefits), as well as your cars existing suspension set up so that you can ensure you find a coilover that will easily bolt-on. For exact fitment information, we recommend using our search feature or browse coilovers by make to ensure coilovers will fit your car.


There are many different coilover brands and types on the market, so picking the right one can be daunting. Good spring rates, spring and valving adjustability, pillowball top mounts and a monotube design are all great ways to spot a high quality coilover. Above all, it is important to buy coilovers from a knowledgeable and proven company who stands behind their products with a solid warranty and good customer service. Keep reading for more details on how to choose coilovers right for you.


When it comes to upgrading your suspension for either looks or performance, there are two main options outside of an air ride system at your disposal. Springs and Coilovers.

Springs, paired with a high quality shock absorber,  give the car a better feeling for daily use. People that are just getting into cars often look into springs as a solution for their height… Issues, if you will. They will often times allow you to lower your car without sacrificing a soft suspension feel. For daily use, not track, we find some customers prefer a softer and floatier feeling ride and we can’t blame them.

So… What are the downsides? Firstly, shock wear is accelerated, and this often results in a poor ride over time. As the shock loses damping, it can’t support the spring as well. The ride can start to feel “bouncy” or “soft”. Secondly, suspension works best when all components are matched. Many aftermarket springs work well with shock dampers (for some period of time) but many, particularly ones with more lowering, are too stiff for factory struts. Lastly, they don’t give you the adjustability range to lower or raise your suspension when needed. If you decide to go with a larger wheel or tire and need to raise your car 1.5” you are entirely limited to the lowering springs you installed and will have to think around them for every set up you chose in the future.

Coilovers. People often think that the moment you go with coilovers, you’re automatically sacrificing ride quality for performance, and the ride will be harsh. This simply isn’t true. Some coilovers, take our Kontrol Pro kit for example, is geared toward street comfort. While it’s true that the ride is about 10-15% firmer, the well matched dampening will result in minimal differences in comfort while making the car feel significantly better and make you, the driver, feel more intune with your car with every move.


Coilovers help to set up your vehicle’s height and damping, which allows you to lower your center of gravity and stiffen up your chassis for better cornering and control. Not only does your car look sportier (and better in our opinion), but it is also a key step in allowing you to transform your car into a true performance machine, transferring your modifications into tangible wheel horsepower.


All Ksport coilovers are 36 levels damping adjustable. For inverted shocks (GT Pro, certain Rally and Slide Kontrol applications), the damping is adjusted from the bottom. On non-inverted shocks (Kontrol Pro, Version RR, Circuit Pro, and certain Rally and Slide Kontrol applications) damping adjustments are made from the top of the coilover. Simply insert your damping knob, and turn. Each click is 1 step of the 36-way adjustability. For a baseline setting, turn the knob until it stops and then turn it back 18 clicks. This is your baseline setting. Use this as a starting point when adjusting your coilovers.

We recommend starting neutral, then adjust in no more than 10% increments. If you have 30 clicks, 3 clicks up or down can be a big shift. You’ll be surprised how big the difference is when you put the car in the corner.

The Takeaway:

  1. When in doubt, start at the baseline setting
  2. A few clicks can mean a big difference


When you hit a bump suspension compresses, you finish traveling over the bump and the suspension must expand. In fact, before suspension expands, we aren’t even really gripping the road. Preload helps push the suspension back to the road, faster. Preload also helps keep springs in place. For preload, we recommend starting per manufacturer specifications.