How to Replace Damaged or Blown Coilover Shocks

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Coilover Shock Replacement

Do you have blown or damaged shocks? Instead of going out and buying a whole new coilover or sending it off to get rebuilt, did you know you could replace the shock yourself? Replacement shocks are available online and the installation process is pretty simple! 

Check out the video and the instructions below as we walk you through how you can quickly and easily replace a damaged or blown shock.

Ksport Coilover Shock Replacement Instructions:

  1. Please be sure not to reuse stock nut on top of shaft, as it has locking threads, use new nut supplied.
  2. Transfer over any mounts, locks, springs, and other parts from the defective unit to the new shock supplied.
  3. Remove the top nut from the damaged shock unit to remove any top mounts from the old unit and transfer them over as well.
  4. Do not allow the shaft to spin which tightening new nut onto shaft, damage in the shock may occur.
  5. Do not hold the shock shaft with any type of pliers or equipment that may damage the shock shaft.  Any scratches or damage to the shaft will result in oil leakage and will void the shock warranty.
  6. Do not tighten nut more than 45lbs. of torque, otherwise damage or binding may occur.

Important Note: If you do not feel comfortable replacing the shock consult a professional or return the unit to us for replacement.

Questions? We’re here to help! Please contact our team via our web chat, by phone at 480.829.8100 or you can submit a ticket here!

Autoline Industries/Ksport USA will not be responsible for any damage to the shock due to shaft spin or improper installation.