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Product Support [Coilovers Systems]

  • How do I adjust the damping on my Ksport coilovers?
  • Will I lose shock travel when lowering my vehicle?
  • My coilovers are making a pinging sound, why?
  • I hear a clunking sound coming from my coilovers, why?
  • My coilovers do not have camber plates, why?
  • How do I adjust my ride height?

For vehicles without and adjustable lower mount, use the spring perch to adjust ride height. By lowering the locking collar (C ) and spring perch (B) the suspension is allowed to compress. This will result in a lower ride height. After your adjustments are made, tighten the spring perch and locking collar together using the spanner wrenches. Most vehicles without and adjustable lower mount will make use of Helper Springs.

For vehicles with a separate spring and shock, part (A) is used to adjust ride height. After desired ride height is reached with the spring, it is extremely important to adjust the length of the shock by adjusting (B) to your desired position. The last step is to install the wheels and put the car on the ground and move the vehicle 20-30 feet to allow the suspension to settle. Then adjust (B) to let (C) compress 1/3 of the way into the strut and leave 2/3 of the shock shaft outside the strut; then tighten the locking collar against the lower mount. Use of a ziptie or black marker may be useful in judging how to make sure 1/3 of the shock is in the strut. Failure to set the shock stroke correctly will result in damage to the shock and void the warranty. For safety reasons, at least 30mm of the lower mount should be threaded onto the shock.

  • Will my shocks bottom out when lowering my car?
  • What is the best way to adjust my damping on my coilovers?


Warranty, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Parts

  • Do my Ksport coilovers come with a warranty?
  • Can my coilovers be rebuilt and how much does it cost?
  • What maintenance is needed / how do I care for my coilovers?


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