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Ksport Big Brakes Kits

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Ksport Big Brake Kit Key Features

Ksport big brake kits provide the ultimate in stopping power for your vehicle. Forged brake calipers made from aircraft quality aluminum are strong and lightweight. Two-piece discs reduce rotating and unsprung weight. Slotted or Cross Drilled discs are available for all kits. Stainless-steel braided brake lines included along with all hardware necessary for a bolt on installation.

Procomp Big Brake Kit

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Supercomp Big Brake Kit

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Lightweight Forged One Piece Calipers

CNC machined from aircraft quality billet, weighs just over 5lbs. each, and has machined in protection grooves for the bridge tubes. Aluminum pistons, high temperature seals, and stainless steel brake pad wear plates are also standard on each caliper design.

Lightweight Forged One Piece Calipers

Cross drilled rotors tend to run cooler than slotted and are recommended for daily driven vehicles. Slotted rotors are recommended for vehicles that will be seeing more track use than daily driving.
Custom Caliper Color Option
Brake calipers come standard in Orange, Red, Black and Yellow, however we can provide custom color finishes for an additional fee. Premium high polish options are also available in silver, gold and even titanium. The options are nearly limitless.
Twin Color Center Bell Option
Center bells can be customized along with brake calipers. Make your brake kit stand out even more by upgrading to our twin color center bell option.
Floating Disc
Upgrade to floating disc on almost every 330mm and 356mm brake kit we offer. Floating disc design stops thermal stresses of extreme heat from warping the disc or cupping the braking surface and prevents vibration at high speeds. SuperComp kits come standard with floating discs.

Handbrake Caliper

Many aftermarket brake kits do not allow for the OE handbrake to be retained. We have developed a floating mechanical design that clips from both sides and allows the OE handbrake to be utilized. We also offer electronic parking brake calipers for some applic
12 Month Limited Warranty
12 Month Limited Warranty
Brake kits come standard with a 12 month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.