Supercomp Big Brake Kit

Ksport Supercomp Big Brake Kit

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Supercomp Big Brake Kit Key Features

Ksport big brake kits provide the ultimate in stopping power for your vehicle. Integrating new brake technology into the design of the kits allows for a kit that highly reduces brake fade and continually cools and refreshes the brake pads surface under braking. These brake systems are designed for easy installation with minimal tools required (in most applications).
Super 8 pot calipers in our front 380mm, 400mm, 421mm and rear 400mm systems
Larger pistons are used in our super 8 pot calipers for truly massive stopping power. Billet aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum construction help keep the weight down and also shed the heat quickly. Due to the huge size of our super 8 pot calipers, each caliper requires 4 brake pads.
Rear 6 pot calipers in our 380mm system
6 pot lightweight aluminum calipers are standard in our 380mm/15″ rear big brake systems. The opposed piston caliper design greatly improves pad wear and caliper rigidity over the OEM design.
K-Sport Brake Rotors
Floating 2 piece rotors
Floating 2 piece rotors are standard on all SuperComp brake systems. The floating disc stops thermal stresses of extreme heat from warping the disc or cupping the braking surface. Less chance of vibration is also a benefit of floating discs.
Cross Drilled Rotor Detail
Cross drilled rotors
Cross drilled rotors are the best option for a daily driven street car. Drilled rotors also tend to run slightly cooler than slotted. Both types have increased “bite” over stock and continuously clean and refresh the pad surface.
Slotted Rotor Detail
Slotted rotors
Slotted rotors are recommended for race applications. Both types have increased “bite” over stock and continuously clean and refresh the pad surface.
caliper-mounting-bracket-pair-front-rear (1)
Carbon steel caliper brackets
Every kit comes with CNC machined carbon steel caliper brackets designed specifically for your vehicle. Due to our calipers being much larger than oem, these brackets help our calipers bolt right up to the oem caliper location.
Stainless steel brake lines
D.O.T compliant stainless steel braided brake lines are standard in all of our brake kits. Stainless steel brake lines improve overall pedal feel and provide quicker pedal response.
Optional race pads
SC5 street pads are standard equipment in our brake kits along with an option for our race pads. Street pads are ceramic and race pads are carbon metallic. Race pads are NOT recommended for street use due to their working temperature being much higher than street pads.
12 Month Limited Warranty
Supercomp Big Brake Kit come standard with an 12 month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.