Supercomp Big Brake Kit

The Supercomp Big Brake Kit is our most extreme brake upgrade kit designed to provide the highest level of stopping power with larger-diameter disc rotors. This kit offers all of the benefits of our Procomp Kit but with larger calipers and rotors, more pistons, and increased stopping power through larger pads (front Supercomp Big Brake Kit calipers are even equipped with a double set of brake pads). No matter which kit you select, you’ll get the benefits of decades of racetrack experience and engineering from KSport. All brake calipers are cut from one block of aluminum rather than being cast or welded together. This provides perfectly even thicknesses and strength over every part of the caliper block to eliminate weak spots which lead to fracturing, warpage, and failure over time. To build on the weight-reducing characteristics of the calipers, caliper pistons are also made from aluminum and protected with heavy-duty seals designed to handle racetrack temperatures. Better heat transference ensures pistons slide smoothly and evenly without drag, and the aluminum ensures caliper operation remains uncompromised by corrosion over time. Additionally, an opposed-piston design ensures brake pad grip and wear remain consistent on both sides of the rotor.

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