Airtech Air Suspension Kit

High quality Airtech Air Struts are proven to handle the stress and abuse of daily driving as well as track use. Crafted from high quality metals and rubber compounds, these air struts offer the strength you need for heavy-duty use with superior resistance against becoming compromised from road grit and corrosive contaminants. The rubber construction has been formulated without cost-cutting so the boots will remain supple and flexible to work effectively – without drying out, cracking, and crumbling the way cheaper grades of rubber can. Aircraft grade aluminum and heavy gauge steel with powdercoat finish provide corrosion-resistant strength and rigidity. Because stronger construction resists the flex and sudden distortion over hard bumps that causes air bag components to become compromised, you’ll see a longer life span from Airtech Air Struts. Air struts can be set at stock ride height for comfortable everyday driving or lowered 4.7 – 7.8 inches depending on your vehicle. They are designed to bolt in place to your vehicle’s original shock absorber mounts without modification, and installation is easy with helpful instructions that are included. Adjustable lower mounts let you fine tune your ride height at any psi setting, and orange knobs near top mounting plates give you 36 choices to fine tune damping rates and achieve your ideal ride.

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