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Floating Rotor, 4, 6, or 8 piston caliper options, Enhanced Braking Power
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BMW 5 Series 2004 – 2010 E61


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The Supercomp BMW 5 Series 15″ Big Brake Kit is our most extreme brake upgrade, designed to provide the highest level of stopping power without requiring any vehicle modifications to install. This sophisticated bolt-on brake upgrade features the same benefits of our Procomp kit but includes larger calipers, rotors, and brake pads, increased pistons and standard full-floating rotors for better self-centering in the caliper. All calipers feature one-piece construction from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum for lightweight, unparalleled strength and freedom from corrosion. Calipers also feature aluminum pistons that provide better heat resistance and uncompromised operation.

The Supercomp Big Brake systems are designed for easy installation with minimal tools required in most applications. Standard brake upgrade kit includes replacement calipers, rotors, pads, brake lines, and related hardware. With carefully designed features, unparalleled strength and upgrades available for kit customization, the Supercomp BMW 5 Series 15″ Big Brake Kit provides the ultimate in stopping power for your vehicle.
This system is appropriate for 19″ wheels and above.

Lightweight Forged One-Piece Caliper

Our extremely lightweight forged one-piece calipers feature one-piece construction from a solid billet of aerospace quality aluminum rather than being cast or welded together. This provides perfectly even thicknesses and strength over every part of the caliper block to eliminate weak spots which lead to fracturing, warpage, and failure over time. Caliper pistons are made from aluminum and protected with heavy-duty seals designed to handle racetrack temperatures. Better heat transference ensures pistons slide smoothly and evenly without drag, and aluminum construction ensures caliper operation remains uncompromised by corrosion over time. Additionally, an opposed-piston design ensures brake pad grip and wear remain consistent on both sides of the rotor. High Temperature Seals, Titanium Brake Pad Retainer Clips and Stainless-Steel Brake Pad Wear Plates are also standard on each caliper in the Supercomp BMW 5 Series 15Big Brake Kit.

Two-Piece Rotor Design

All Supercomp Big Brake systems feature two-piece rotors to provide light weight, fade-free performance and effective grip on the racetrack as well as comfortable, easy-to-use operation under normal driving conditions. The rotor design is extremely lightweight when compared to OEM one-piece rotors, commonly weighing up to 50% less than OEM rotors of the same size. Lightweight center sections crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum give you the benefit of lower rotational mass – making wheels easier to stop and giving you the instant snap of brake response that’s proper for high performance driving. Because the outer section of the two-piece rotor can expand and contract independently from the center section, chances of the entire rotor warping due to heat buildup are greatly reduced. And, since aluminum is a better conductor of heat, the center sections serve as effective heat sinks by passing heat away faster to the air and to the hub assembly.

Combined, these two factors give them a much longer service life than traditional one-piece rotors. Every rotor is heat treated and balanced before shipment for the best performance. Since Cross Drilled rotors run cooler than Slotted, we recommend them for daily driven vehicles. For vehicles that will be seeing more track use than daily driving, we recommend Slotted rotors.

Cross Drilled RotorsCross Drilled Rotors

We recommend Cross Drilled rotors for daily driven vehicles since they tend to run cooler than slotted. Both rotor types have increased “bite” over stock and continuously clean and refresh the pad surface.


Slotted RotorsSlotted Rotors

Slotted rotors feature grooves on the rotor surface to wipe away heat, dust, and gases. We recommend slotted rotors for vehicles that will be seeing more track use.


Floating RotorFloating Rotor

For the serious racetrack driver that’s mindful of avoiding temperature buildup which causes brake fluid boiling and pedal fade, Supercomp rotors come standard with a “full floating” design. The floating rotor features an outer section designed to shift slightly as needed. Better self-centering in the caliper lowers brake drag and boosts performance through more even application.


Front 8 Pot CalipersFront Super 8 Pot Calipers

Super 8 Pot lightweight Aluminum Calipers with Dust Covers are standard in our 15”, 15.7” and 16.6” (380mm/400mm/421mm) Front Supercomp Big Brake systems. Larger pistons are used for truly massive stopping power while dust covers reduce the amount of brake dust on your wheels. Due to the size of our 8 Pot Calipers, each caliper requires 4 brake pads.


Carbon Steel Caliper Brackets

Each Supercomp Big Brake kit comes with CNC machined carbon-steel caliper brackets. Due to our calipers being much larger than OEM, these brackets help the system bolt right up to your OEM caliper bracket location.


Two Piece RotorsTwo-Piece Rotors

All Ksport brake systems feature extremely lightweight two-piece rotors in your choice of Cross Drilled or Slotted. It is common for our rotors to weigh up to 50% less than OEM rotors of the same size.


Center Bell Customization

Options to upgrade to a Titanium Center Bell and Hardware or Twin Color Anodized Center Bell are available for further customization of your brake system.


Stainless-Steel Brake Lines

D.O.T compliant stainless-steel braided brake lines are standard in all our brake kits. The stainless-steel brake lines stop expansion under pressure, provide a quicker pedal response, and have a firmer pedal feel over stock rubber lines.


Street PadsSC5 Street Pads Included

These NAOC Ceramic pads give optimal braking performance under street and occasional track conditions. The pads reduce the amount of brake dust by 50% or more when compared to race pads and greatly reduce the amount of noise and wear on the rotor. Optimal operating temperatures between 194°F – 1022°F for fast warm up under normal driving conditions. Average coefficient of friction is between .46 and .53.


Optional Race PadsUpgrade Available to RCI Race Pads

The option to upgrade to RCI Race Pads is available. These Carbon Metallic race pads give you the best stopping power under extreme track conditions. Optimal operating temperatures are between 482°F – 1472°F. RCI Race Pads not recommended for street use due to the high working temperature needed for optimal performance.


Custom Caliper ColorsCustom Caliper Color Options

Brake calipers come standard in painted colors such as Orange, Red, Black and Yellow. There is also an option to upgrade to premium high polish finishes in Silver, Gold and Titanium as well as Glassy or Hard Anodized Colors. Over 20,000 custom color finishes are also available for an additional fee leaving the options nearly limitless.


12 Month Limited Warranty

All Ksport Big Brake Kits come standard with a 12-month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.


Easy Installation

The Ksport Supercomp Big Brake system offers a sophisticated bolt-on brake upgrade that is easy to install. Minimal tools are needed, and no vehicle modifications are required in most applications. View Installation Instructions.


Standard Kit Includes:

  • (2) Forged, Monoblock Aluminum Calipers
  • (2) Lightweight Two-Piece Rotors, Slotted or Drilled
  • (1) Set of SC5 Street Brake Pads
  • (2) Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • All required mounting components and hardware (Brackets, Bolts, Etc.)
  • Owners Manual

*Important Note: Ksport Big Brake kits are built to order – please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery.

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Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 10 in


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BMW 5 Series 2004 – 2010 E61

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Below is a list of automobiles the 04-10 BMW 5 Series – Rear 6 Piston Big Brake Kit w/ 15 in. Slotted Rotors - Supercomp works with.

2004BMW5 series
2005BMW5 series
2006BMW5 series
2007BMW5 series
2008BMW5 series
2009BMW5 series
2010BMW5 series


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