Ksport Swap Meet n Greet 2010

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Wow, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m just barely getting the time to post up about our Swap Meet N Greet. First off, thanks to everyone who came out! Vivid Racing, Kazoku Sport, Elite Automotive Finishes, IntensePower, Pedritos Tacos, AZDriven, Team Aftermath, Kamikaze Bottle Rockets, Tage Evanson, Phil Robles, Jason Bartosh, RC from RCs Garage, and of course everyone who came out and hard-parked at Ksport… Thanks for the support! Certainly, without you guys, our meet would have just been like 6 people. This S14 looked great with the leaves all around it.

Billy’s R32 Skyline on Ksport Kontrol Pros
RHD, of course.
Team Aftermath took up about 1/5th of our parking all by themselves.
Where’s Waldo?
RCs super clean EG.
RC’s Bay
Phil Robles TimeAttack EG. Still sporting the FF Battle number.
S2000 equipped with KSport coilovers and Big Brake Kit
Vivid Racing brought a Porsche 997 and a Datsun 510.
Chris from Elite Automotive Finishes brought his recently painted (and obviously airbrushed) S13 down. This cars got an LS1 and sees track duty pretty often.
Speaking of LS1 swaps, here’s the KSport S13.5 with a Fueled Performance LS1 swap. Our engine came with aftermarket cams and valve springs, as well as a short shifter. Just a couple of bonuses I guess.
A MOPAR painted by Elite. We don’t discriminate! This Plymouth had a spot next to Chris LS1 swapped S13, and across from a Skyline.
Thanks for everyone who came out to the Swap Meet N Greet! We’ll definitely be doing this again in 2011, and hopefully it’s even bigger.