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Rally4Life is a Canadian organization who is using motorsports as a platform to help raise awareness and funding for several charities throughout the world. Rally4Life is lead by Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates, a husband-wife team who have dedicated their lives to helping bring water, shelter, and safety to communities in Africa.

For Rally4Life the objective is simple, raise enough funds to save 200,000 lives with the provision of clean water, shelter and education. There are many examples of organisations doing tremendous work and the Directors of Rally4Life are keen not to duplicate those efforts but to support them. Their goal is to identify organisations that are doing good work and could help more people if they had access to financial resources. As such, Rally4Life is intended to be structured as a Charitable Foundation although today it is a not for profit Society in BC. As a Charitable Foundation, the organisation can undertake various fund raising initiatives to support other groups in saving lives. Please join us in raising $4 million to provide much needed resources to children and families around the world.

Mark Jennings-Bates sent us this link to a video that Rally4Life compiled to highlight a well-digging effort in the Samburu region. Check out https://www.rally4life.org for more info. Also, Rally4Life will be competing in the Dakar Rally as well.