New 2-Piece Coilover Design!

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So, I went back to the Ksport Service Department this morning. Right about the time I walked up, one of our techs was opening a box that had just been delivered. This box had absolutely no markings, RMA number, or anything of the sort on the exterior. Merely 2 addresses were provided. Once Chris opened the box, we were greeted with a pleasant sight. What sat before us was 2 coilovers that were left in shambles. The producer was an unmentioned company. They’re definitely off of a Honda Civic, and man… These things are toast!

The Coilovers…

One thing I can say about them is that they did use a pretty big piston… But, maybe a thicker shock body would have helped prevent them from breaking. In half. Additionally, the shaft seal had separated from its rightful resting place. There was absolutely no oil in the shock (although I’m sure I saw a dog hair in there). We’re not sure why these coilovers ended up here, but here’s some pics. Here’s the “good” coilover. I say “good” in comparison to the next picture. By the way, please don’t adjust your ride height by sagging the springs. That’s what the adjustable lower mount is for! Here’s the broken coilover. You can clearly see that the top cap separated from the rest of the shock body. The inside of of the broken shock body. I seriously think that’s a hair in there. Who needs a seal? Not these guys, apparently.

Moreover, this kind of stuff is why you want to make sure the suspension components you’re buying are manufactured properly. KSport uses TUV and ISO certified manufacturing processes, so you know this kind of stuff isn’t going to happen with our products. Plus, we have that whole 18 month warranty thing going on… Oh, and we aren’t going to stop selling coilovers and tell you we cant service them, like the makers of these beauties omni-power.