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Fellow Canibeat contributor/photographer Anthony Lezada hit me with these photos of Nicos slammed and stanced Celica. Speedhunters ran a Spotlight on the car, which covers a lot of the details of the car.

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Nate Hamilton, a young drifter from Texas, is the star of an upcoming drifting documentary. He also happens to be sponsored by Ksport and is running Ksport Slide Kontrol coilovers on his V8-swapped S13 240SX.

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Wow, its been 2 weeks and Im just barely getting the time to post up about our meet. First off, thanks to everyone who came out! Vivid Racing, Kazoku Sport, Elite Automotive Finishes, IntensePower, Pedritos Tacos, AZDriven, Team Aftermath, Kamikaze Bottle Rockets, Tage Evanson, Phil Robles, Jason Bartosh, RC from RCs Garage and of course everyone who came out and hard-parked at Ksport…

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Rally4Life is a Canadian organization who is using motorsports as a platform to help raise awareness and funding for several charities throughout the world. Rally4Life is lead by Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates, a husband-wife team who have dedicated their lives to helping bring water, shelter, and safety to communities in Africa.