Elite Tuner at KSport USA

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A couple of weekends ago, we were thrilled to host the Elite Tuner car show in our very own KSport warehouse. What originally was presumed to draw crowds in Peoria resulted in one of the biggest car shows held in the city of Mesa, Arizona. Saturday’s event welcomed car enthusiasts and vendors from all over the valley and Southwest. Good food, great cars, even better people, and above all, a genuine appreciation for automotive creativity and innovation crowded the KSport warehouse. Certainly, the Elite Tuner event was an enormous success! And, according to social media, our guests also seem to agree!

Elite Tuner

Elite Tuner is an automotive media group that brings the exclusive auto show experience to cities across the country. In addition, their events showcase unique cars with the best builds, uniting car enthusiasts in communities everywhere. Furthermore, Elite Tuner was established in the NJ and PA areas and is now operating on a national platform.   

Premier quality cars from all over the Southwest filled the space, both inside and outside of the warehouse.

The Event

Saturday’s event had everything from exotic Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s to fully built imports. Cars of nearly every automotive manufacturer represented- Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Dodge, BMW, Acura, Audi, Chevy, and practically any other you could think of! Premier quality cars from all over the Southwest filled the space, both inside and outside of the warehouse. Furthermore, various automotive clubs, businesses, teams, and organizations were in attendance including Gear Head Society, Variant Wheels, and Creative Bespoke. There were approximately 1000 attendees and 300 cars on display. A fraction of that number took home Top 25. In the end, among the parade of incredible builds and exotic cars, the Success Truck Club took home best of show with a Royal blue Nissan D21 Hardbody Pick-up. In short, the entire event was a megahit for the car community! Moreover, we cannot wait for the next Elite Tuner show in Az!

Elite Tuner at KSport USA- Media 

Collage of several cars showcased at the event
Best of Show- Royal blue Nissan D21

It wasn’t difficult to track the buzz following the event. Attendees fled to social media to share their experiences. For example, hashtags surrounding the event like: #Elitetuner, #CarShow, #CarsofInstagram, #Boost, and a ton of other automotive hashtags tagged @KSportUSA and populated quickly! Moreover, we were able to compile some of that content here. Check out the photos below or watch Elite Tuner’s car show vlog here!

Elite Tuner at KSport USA- Gallery