BMW Coilovers, Air Suspension and Brake Upgrades

Bavarian Motor Works, commonly known as BMW, is a German manufacturer of luxury automotive and motorcycles. BMW was originally founded as a manufacturer of Aircraft engines, however the brand ventured into automobile manufacturing for the first time in 1928 and soon after became a leading manufacturer of sport-oriented cars. BMW has made their mark in the world of motorsports with heavy involvement in Touring cars, Formula One and more. The brands history with motorsports, combined with the high performance, impressive handling and sleek appearance of their vehicles, makes BMW a popular choice for professional drivers and enthusiasts alike. When exploring BMW modifications many choose to start with suspension upgrades. These types of upgrades can range anywhere from coilovers to improve the look and handling of the vehicle, to a carefully designed BMW Air Suspension kit to give the ultimate in height adjustability.  Whether you’re looking for Coilovers, Air Suspension, or even a Big Brake Kit, we have the perfect BMW Suspension upgrades for you.


The Ultimate Driving Machine
Years in Business
Debuted first all-electric car
Largest Producer of Vehicles in 2015