Twin Turbo Nissan 350z with Ksport Pro Plus Air Suspension

Categories: Daily Drivers

ksport airtech pro plus air suspension nissan 350z stancenation luxury abstract

We came across this pretty awesome Nissan 350z that was recently featured on owned by Josh Chang out of California. Josh mentions in the article that his favorite part about the car is the Ksport Pro Plus air suspension. He explains, it actually allows me to drive the car and pull it out. I stopped driving my car cause I needed two 6-foot ramps in order to even get it out of the driveway. I love driving low but it comes to the point where i d like to keep my car and not destroy it on every bump and driveway.

The car sports a Strafe SL2 Aero kit and is painted midnight purple. The wheels are Luxury Abstract Grassor-C Industrial Finish w/ Black Centers 20 11 & 20 12. For more info on this car check out the StanceNation feature here