** New Product Announcement ** Floating Caliper Brake Kit!

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** New Product Announcement **
Floating Caliper Brake Kit!


Orange Floating Caliper Brake Kit


Floating Caliper Brake Kit!

The popularity of aggressive fitting wheels on factory body vehicles has never been more popular than it is today. In most cases aftermarket big brake kits aren’t compatible with this style. Large multi-piston brake calipers just can’t fit with the very limited spacing between the larger brake caliper and the back of the wheel. We have developed a big brake kit with this issue in mind, one that’s based on the OE single-side piston caliper thickness. Our new brake kit design ensures that you can use our big brake kit on most factory wheels or wheels with very limited brake caliper clearance.


  • Forged aluminum brake caliper with larger brake pad surface area compared to OE brake pads will enhance braking performance.
  • Comes with two-piece vented discs that help lower unsprung weight.
  • We offer our floating caliper option in four sizes: 286x22mm, 304x22mm, 330x22mm and 350x22mm which are suitable for wheel diameters ranging from 15-18”.
  • Single-side piston caliper design maintains the same styling as our multi-piston caliper’s appearance. Patent design, all rights reserved. 
  • Wide range of custom colors available.
  • Starting cost $1550.00 MSRP