New One Piece Monoblock Brake Calipers

Categories: Ksport

new_caliper_1 We are pleased to announce our new one piece monoblock brake calipers. This new design is now standard for all 286mm to 356mm front and 330mm to 356mm rear brake kits. Our new design is lighter weight, features titanium color pad retainer clips and bolts, CNC precision machined construction which offers increased structural hardness due to being one piece instead of two piece. We also now feature a carbon fiber logo instead of the old machined logo. The best part about this new design is our pricing is still the same. Other brands like Brembo only offer a forged monoblock caliper on high end race applications like GT3 Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. We offer this high end caliper design for 3-4 times less money! Contact us for more info! 480-829-8100 Monoblock brake calipers.

New  carbon  fiber  logo  on the  monoblock  brake  calipersTop view of the new monoblock brake caliperRed monoblock brake caliperyellow monoblock brake caliper