Ksport’s Big Brake Kit Guide

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While going fast is fun, how well can you stop at your peak power? This is something has to be considered for every build. Whether it be building a race car or a street car, how well you are able to break and how often will make a notable difference.

Let’s get into the details. Big brake kits consist of larger calipers with more contact pins in the caliper to hold and compress larger brake pads. With more brake pad surface on the brake rotor, the quicker and less time you will need to push the brake pedal to stop. This also helps stop brake fade, which is a build up of energy and heat from the brakes and creates them to start slipping after an extended amount of time being used. Larger calipers also help dissipate heat from the breaking process, which attributes to less brake fade.

One small but intriguing benefit is aesthetics. The big brake kit allows you to customize the look of your suspension by changing the color of your caliper as well as filling up space behind your wheels. The look of a big brake kit is something worth having if you plan on showing off your car, and keep in mind, all race cars are show cars so the added performance and look of a big brake kit inherently looks cool too!

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CNC machined billet, the same billet material used on aircrafts is favored due to its notable strength and lightweight composition. The calipers are just 5 lbs each, saving you half to over 4x as much weight as your stock caliper. If weight reduction without sacrificing performance, these are for you! Two-piece discs reduce rotating and unsprung weight, allowing your car to stop quicker more efficiently. Aluminum pistons, high temperature seals and stainless steel brake pad wear plates are all standard on every big brake kit.

Slotted and cross-drilled rotors are essential to getting performance out of your brake set up. The cross-drilled rotor is the first design in performance rotors. They were designed to dissipate heat and brake gases for quicker braking and less brake fade as a result. Slotted rotors are a favored design in performance rotors. They came as an upgraded design from the drilled rotor alone as they do a better job of dispersing heat and braking gases without adding additional wear to the pads and are favored for the higher end big brake kits. Both styles run cooler, but the slotted are recommended for track use because of their superior design and function over the drilled alone.

The floating disc design stops thermal stresses of extreme heat from warping the disc or cupping the braking surface and prevents vibration at higher speeds. This design also allows you to fit an aggressive fitting wheel on your car. In most big brake kits, wheel clearance is not something that is often taken into consideration. We developed our big brake kits with this issue
in mind and made our big brake calipers the thickness of most OE calipers. This is something that experienced brake people rejoice. One of the many answered prayers in the brake and wheel community and something that we are happy to provide!

Having a big brake kit on your daily driver or your race car, being able to brake more efficiently and safely while in style should be key!