Titanium Brake Caliper Finish Plus Custom Colors

Categories: Ksport

Titanium Brake Caliper Finish pictured below

titanium_brakes caliper finish                       

Here is one of our many premium finishes that are available for our brake calipers. Pictured above is the Titanium Brake Caliper Finish, which as you can see changes color depending on viewing angle and available light. Additionally, our custom finishes are tested at 500 degrees for several hours to ensure the finish is durable enough for the most extreme conditions. This finish is available for an additional $300/set. Next up we have our high polish silver which simulates a chrome appearance. Additional cost for this option is $200/set. silver brake caliper finish                           We can also do a variety of custom colors for $100 additional per set. We can do almost any color so contact us for more info. lime green brake caliper finish                       white brake caliper finish