Ksport USA announces Nissan Cube Damper Systems

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KSport Introduces Nissan Cube Damper Systems


KSport USA is pleased to announce the release of their 2010-Model Kontrol Pro and GT Pro Damper Systems for the Nissan Cube. The Nissan Cube is a Mini-MPV. The production of this line is for the North American and Japanese Domestic Markets. The line will release across Europe.

Damper System Details

The 2010 Kontrol Pro and GT Pro Damper Systems for the Nissan Cube include all the features one would expect. This includes quality and flexible performance. Furthermore, the Damper system underwent a major improvement. This entails an Electro-plated shock body, pillowball upper mounts in the front, and rear aluminum top mounts. Additionally, there was an increase in the strut body diameter and a color change. The recently improved shock electro-plating means the KSport Damper Systems last through the elements. The robust design can withstand the abuse seen by both track and street cars. No matter road grime, water, mud, sand, or dirt, the damper systems prove to maintain its strength.

Moreover, the aluminum rear mounts allow for a lightweight, yet durable and solid strut mounting point. KSports Pillow Ball Upper Mounts, (these are on the front struts for the Nissan Cube Damper Systems) allow for increased adjustability. In addition, they are more durable than stock shock mounts. KSport has also changed the color of their shock bodies from the previous silver finish to a more subtle gloss black.


Since many Cube owners will likely be seeking an extremely low ride height, many end users will be taking advantage of KSports adjustable lower mount in order to achieve an aggressive stance for their vehicle. By using an adjustable lower shock mount, KSport Dampers allow independent adjustment of both ride height and spring pre-load. This has multiple advantages, including increased shock longevity as well as improved tuning of suspension systems. By allowing independent adjustment of both spring pre-load as well as ride height, the shock is able to retain full travel. Further, the owner can raise or lower the vehicle to their liking.