Price sheets, new building, and Need For Speed

Categories: Ksport

Today’s another fine day in Arizona. Finer than usual, in fact. Nice breeze and low temperatures. On top of that, we have several updates to share!

I just installed the Need For Speed SHIFT demo, and can’t wait to build my KSport car!
Yes, boys and girls, KSport is featured in the new Need For Speed game.

Got some new painters here, scoping out the door frames. Apparently you can’t use latex paint on metal doors/frames. Who knew?

Moreover, I want out of this cubicle and into my office!

While I’m trapped in the cubicle, I’ve been consistently adding new applications to our price sheets and the website. Keep your eyes peeled for a slew of new Air Suspension systems, as well as ProComp Big Brake Kits.

Stay tuned for more KSport updates!