Joe Ippolito and his SE-R

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One of the many great drivers were proud to work with, Joe Ippolito, has done it again!

This time its more than just track records, its even bigger than a class record. Joe has gone home with the NASA National Championship Title! Ippolito and the SE-R made it around the Miller Outer Course in a mere 2:17.990, to grab the win at Nationals. Not only was Joe the fastest in TTE, but he was also faster than any car from the TTB, C, D, and TTF classes! When asked about how the weekend went, Joe had the following to say: “We beat out some much faster cars than ours and overcame a lot of protesting by the officials but we were always in spec. We even put down 179whp @ 5000ft. 5hp below our max for our car (hp v weight ratio). 2nd place was 2 seconds behind us, with our track record of 2.17.9. ” Sounds like Joe had a good season!

Joe runs his 2002 Nissan Sentra Spec V in the NASA TTE Class. Starting with our basic Kontrol Pro kit, Joe and his mechanic Justin have swapped springs for a custom spring rate that allows them to keep the car planted. The man behind setup and tuing, Justin, is certain that Joe can keep him on his toes, “Joe pushes the car past the limits as it sits, he can probably push the limits of whatever I throw into the mix, and that just pushes the whole project forward.” Joe and Justin definitely did a great job this season, setting track records at 3 of the 6 tracks in the Southeast Division of NASA Time Trials. By putting down scorching lap times (as fast as 1:26.98 at Carolina Motorsports Classic Full Course) and attending every possible event, Ippolito has secured himself the #1 Spot in his region, with a nearly 500 point lead over the 2nd place driver. Were working with Joe to get him some big brakes and RR Dampers for next season so keep your eyes on Joe, Justin, and the silver Spec V!