Volkswagen Becomes #1 Car Maker; Toyota may be struggling

Categories: Scene and Industry

Just read over at the Autoblog that Volkswagen is now officially the World’s Largest Car Manufacturer. VW and Porsche are one entity, so I guess we should say VW/Porsche is the largest car maker. VW/Porsche have sold a combined 4.4 Million Vehicles worldwide, where Toyota has only hit the 4 Million mark. Still not too shabby. Either way, looks like Toyotas struggling. First they cut production last year, then shut down their factories in February. A week ago today, they completely pulled out of Formula 1. Now, VW has gone ahead of them to take the #1 spot. Throw in the fact that they’re having issues with their throttle-by-wire systems, and this isn’t looking great for Toyota. On the other hand, congratulations to Volkswagen for officially being named the World’s Largest Car Manufacturer.