Jason Jiovani Tests Slide Kontrols

Categories: Ksport, Scene and Industry, Sponsored Cars

One of the many professional and amateur drivers sponsored by KSport USA, Jason Jiovani has proven himself to be a rising star in the drift scene. Hailing from Largo, Florida, USA and currently holding a Florida Drift Championship License, and a D1 Provisional License, Jason will be attempting to acquire his Formula D License this year. Jason Jiovani has been involved in competitive drifting since 2006, as a participant and as an official. KSport USA recently sent Jason a set of our SlideKontrol Dampers as well as our Universal Hydraulic Handbrake, which he was just able to test this past weekend. Jason had several nice things to say of the Slide Kontrols based on his limited testing. “The car drove amazing! It felt very predictable and was really able to hang it out really nicely” said Jason, after his first night on the new KSport Slide Kontrol Damper System. Jason added that “The small track proved quite a challenge to connect, but with the control I felt on the K Sports, after 3 runs I was dominating the course.” Because of the confidence granted by the Slide Kontrols, Jason decided to let a newer join him on the small course for a tandem run, which can be seen below, via YouTube. We look forward to seeing what sort of insanity Jason can brew up on a bigger track!