Ksport at XDC

Categories: Ksport, Scene and Industry

The XDC Season is now officially over, and after experiencing the final showdowns here in Arizona, Ive got to admit… I wish Id been able to get out to more of the events!! Ksport had a booth at the event, right between the Remix car show and the drift pits. Unfortunately, none of the local drivers did exceptionally well, but that didnt detract from the fact that we all had a great time out there watching some very talented grassroots drivers tear it up! Weve got some video clips were going to put together, so keep your eyes open for that. Thanks to XDC for inviting us out! Hope to see you guys back here next year!!

George Marstonovic, with an early entry

Jason Beatty with a clean exit from turn 1

Josh Steele from NEVRSLO did well in XDC this year!

Han Wong, owner of Intense Power, is not playin’ around with the fitment on his S14!