Benefits of a Big Brake Kit

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Why a brake upgrade might benefit your build.

While going fast is fun, how well can you stop at peak power? This is something the must be considered for every build. Whether it be a race car or a streetcar, how well you can brake and how often will make a notable difference. There are several benefits to a big brake kit, including enhanced performance, longevity, and even aesthetics, which we will cover below.

Increased Performance

In short, big brake kits feature larger calipers that house an oversized brake pad, which help enhance brake power under sustained high-heat conditions. The larger calipers include more contact pins which are used to hold and compress the larger brake pads. And, with an increased brake pad surface on the brake rotor, the time needed to stop is decreased. Larger calipers also help dissipate heat from the brake process, contributing to decreased brake fade, which is a build up of energy and heat from the brakes that causes them to start slipping after an extended amount of time being used.  

Additionally, many big brake kits feature two-piece rotor designs which provide light weight, fade-free performance and effective grip on the racetrack as well as comfortable, easy-to-use operation under normal driving conditions. The two-piece rotor design reduces rotating and unsprung weight, allowing your car to stop quicker more efficiently. Additionally, two-piece rotors help significantly with weight reduction – for example, our rotor design is extremely lightweight when compared to OEM one-piece rotors, commonly weighing up to 50% less than OEM rotors of the same size. Our kits also feature light weight center sections crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum give you the benefit of lower rotational mass – making wheels easier to stop and giving you the instant snap of brake response that’s proper for high performance driving. Because the outer section of the two-piece rotor can expand and contract independently from the center section, chances of the entire rotor warping due to heat buildup are greatly reduced. And, since aluminum is a better conductor of heat, the center sections serve as effective heat sinks by passing heat away faster to the air and to the hub assembly. Combined, these two factors give two-piece rotors a much longer service life than traditional one-piece rotors.

Greater Strength and Longevity

Increased strength is another huge benefit for many. All of our brake kits, such as our Procomp kit, include extremely lightweight forged one-piece calipers feature one-piece construction from a solid billet of aerospace quality aluminum rather than being cast or welded together. This provides perfectly even thicknesses and strength over every part of the caliper block to eliminate weak spots which lead to fracturing, warpage, and failure over time.  Additionally, caliper pistons are made from aluminum and protected with heavy-duty seals designed to handle racetrack temperatures. Better heat transference ensures pistons slide smoothly and evenly without drag, and aluminum construction ensures caliper operation remains uncompromised by corrosion over time. Additionally, an opposed-piston design ensures brake pad grip and wear remain consistent on both sides of the rotor. High Temperature Seals, Titanium Brake Pad Retainer Clips and Stainless-Steel Brake Pad Wear Plates are also standard on each Ksport big brake kit.

Enhanced Appearance and Customization

Another small but intriguing benefit of a big brake kit is aesthetics. Many big brakes kits allow you to customize the look of your suspension by changing the color of your caliper as well as filling up space behind your wheels. Many that plan to build show cars often opt for a big brake kit for the aesthetics.

Brake calipers come standard in painted colors such as Orange, Red, Black and Yellow. There is also an option to upgrade to premium high polish options in Silver, Gold and Titanium as well as Glassy/Hard Anodized Colors. Over 20,000 custom color finishes are also available for an additional fee leaving the options nearly limitless. You can check out some of our favorite customization options here. Options to upgrade to a Titanium Center Bell and Hardware or Twin Color Anodized Center Bell are also available for further customization of your brake system.

Furthering the ability for customization our big brake kits allow you the choice of either cross drilled or slotted rotors. Slotted and cross drilled rotors are essential to getting performance out of your brake set up. The cross drilled rotor is designed to dissipate heat and brake gases for quicker braking and less brake fade as a result. Slotted rotors elevate performance – they came as an upgraded design from the drilled rotor as they do a better job of dispersing heat and braking gases without adding additional wear to the pads. Both rotor types have increased “bite” over stock and continuously clean and refresh the pad surface, however we recommend slotted rotors for vehicles that will be seeing more track use and cross drilled rotors for those that will be daily driven.



Whether you’re building a racecar or a show car, or something in between, the benefits of a big brake kit are virtually endless. Brake kits offer something for everyone, including enhanced performance, appearance and longevity, however regardless of your needs, being able to brake efficiently and safely is key.