What on Earth (or Mars for that matter )

Categories: Ksport

So Im out in the warehouse, minding my own business, when Anthony comes out and tells me I need to run to the front parking lot. With my camera. Now, anyone who knows me knows that running is not something I do often. Running is serious business. Its not something you do just because… I casually stroll out front, camera in hand, and I see this.

A Martian and Caveman

Yes. That is a caveman, pulling a rickshaw which contains an alien. I only had my 50mm lens, and I didnt want to get too close to these clearly disturbed individuals, so this is the best I could do… Better than most other alien pictures.

This is not normal for our area. Were used to the typical cow abductions, but to see an actual alien with a time-traveling caveman… Thats just mind blowing.