What on Earth (or Mars for that matter )

Categories: Ksport
So I’m out in the warehouse, minding my own business, when Anthony comes out and tells me I need to run to the front parking lot with my camera. Now, anyone who knows me knows that running is not something I do often. Running is serious business. It’s not something you do just because… I casually stroll out front, camera in hand, and I see this. “What on Earth?!” is the first thing that comes to mind.
A Martian and Caveman
Yes. That is a caveman, pulling a rickshaw which contains an alien. The only lens I had on me was my 50mm. However, I was not getting closer than this, as one can clearly see the duo seem fairly eerie. So, this is the best I could do. Better than most other alien pictures if you ask me. Moreover, this is NOT normal for our area. What on earth was happening around town or in the area that induced such a scene, we don’t know. We’re used to the typical cow abductions, but to see an actual alien with a time-traveling caveman… That’s just mind blowing.