What Coilovers are Best for the SC300 / SC400 Chassis?

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If you’re asking yourself what are the best coilovers for your Lexus Sc300 or Lexus Sc400, then we have the answer for you! The Lexus “SC” Chassis have been a staple in the car community for many years. With the production of these cars starting in 1991 up until 2000, the aftermarket support for these cars has been nothing short of plentiful. With exterior designing by the American based Calty Design Research, the SC300 was also produced alongside its twin, the Toyota Soarer, for the domestic Japanese market. The SC300 is powered by the 3.0 liter inline 6 2JZGE engine pushing 225hp to the rear wheels. The SC300 is also the first model with a manual transmission offered in a Lexus. The performance of the SC300 was a well-kept secret being used as a test bed for the coming Mk4 Supra. As for the SC400, this two-door rear wheel drive luxury coupe comes with a V8, 290hp, and Lexus quality. This is the hot luxury coupe that gave Lexus another solid win in the Luxury coupe market. The 1UZ V8 in the LS400 is now in a sporty coupe that delivers a smooth ride from the well-built chassis.

Some may call it a bargain Supra, with luxury interior and looks, the SC300 & SC400 (Toyota Soarer) has been a staple in the JDM automotive community. The Lexus SC Chassis has been able to be competitive in all types of motorsports, Drifting, Road Racing, Drag Racing, and even Time Attack.

When building a chassis that is considered a Swiss Army Knife in the automotive world. A common question is what is going to be the best suspension coilover set up for your newly acquired Lexus Sc300 / SC400 ?

The answer is… What are your end goals with your Project Lexus Sc300? Once you are able to find your desired use for the vehicle, the decisions on modification become easier.

At Ksport we offer a wide range of coilovers that are finely tuned for all different types of use. Ksport Kontrol Pros: Our Kontrol pros are considered a great application for the enthusiast that wants to have a wide range of adjustability, ride height, springs rates, and 36-way adjustable damping. We’ve seen our Kontrol Pros on Sc300 Show cars, Drift Cars, and Street cars. The Kontrol Pro is one of Ksports most popular Coilover set for the Lexus Sc300 / Sc400. For More Information on SC300 Kontrol Pro Coilovers Click Here: https://ksportusa.com/product/lexus-sc300-kontrol-pro-coilovers-clx100-kp/

Ksport Version Dr Drag Racing Coilovers Sc300 / Sc400: The Ksport Version Dr coilovers are for the Lexus Sc owners that want to have shock valving that is designed for Drag strip use and abuse. Lexus Sc300 and Sc400 Ksport Version DR kits are custom valved for drag racing with appropriate spring rates chosen to maximize traction and regulate weight transfer. With proven performance on the drag strip, the Ksport Version DR Drag Race Coilover Kit will reduce Elapsed Time and 60 Ft times making it the ideal suspension system for serious drag race vehicles. For More Info on Sc300 /Sc400 Drag Racing Coilovers Click here: https://ksportusa.com/product/lexus-sc300-version-dr-drag-race-coilovers-clx100-dr/

Ksport Lexus Sc300 / Sc400 Slide Kontrol Drift Coilovers: If you are looking to take your Lexus Sc300 / Sc400 out to the drift track to burn off tires while simultaneously maintaining grip when you need it, then our Ksport Slide Kontrols are the coilover for you. The Ksport Slide Kontrol Lexus SC300 / SC400 Drift Coilovers were designed to perform at a competitive level and withstand the abuse of the drift circuit. The Lexus SC300 / SC400 Slide Kontrol Drift Coilover system features 36 levels adjustable damping, an inverted shock design, and adjustable spring perch. To learn more about our SC300/SC400 Slide Kontrol Drift Coilovers Click Here: https://ksportusa.com/product/lexus-sc300-slide-kontrol-drift-coilovers-clx100-sk/

Ksport Circuit Pro 3-Way: If you are looking to take your Lexus Sc300 / Sc400 on track, then the Circuit Pro 3-way is going to be your best option! With the widest range of adjustability (11,664 tuning combinations) these coilovers help shave lap times by being able to fine tune the exact ride quality and performance. The Circuit Pro 3-Way Coilover systems were specially designed for Track use. Aggressive spring rates and shock valving combined with 20-30mm shorter shock stroke results in an unbeatable performance on the track. With your choice of our proven spring rate settings or your own custom rates the shocks will be valved specifically to what you select.

If you are looking for the best answer for what is the best coilover option for your Lexus SC300 / SC400 for you? The answer is, what are your end goals with your project car? At Ksport we offer a wide range of coilovers that will fulfil exactly what you are looking to get out of your Lexus SC300 / SC400. Drifting, Drag Racing, Car Shows, Slammed, Racing, or professional levels of Motorsports, we can build It for you!

If you have any further questions on coilover builds or the best option for you, feel free to contact one of our suspension experts at 480.829.8100.