The Hunt

Categories: Ksport

Im sure everyones been through this… Ive got a friend whos shopping for a car right now, and I cant help but want him to buy what I like.

Hes got a budget of about $5,000 (Pretty good budget for a guy workin part time while going to school) and he wants something with 4 cylinders and a manual transmission. I keep pushing him towards 240s or newer Civics, but man… hes determined to get a B15 Sentra Spec V! Hes even looking into salvaged title vehicles so that he can get the SE-R within his budget.

Then again… The SE-R Spec V is a pretty good car. My friend Ramon Sosa had one in high school. I actually kind of miss riding in that car. Maybe I just miss the carefree high school days. Ramons car was a great example of a clean daily driver and was the envy of a lot of the car guys at our school. He had a carbon fiber hood and trunk, some 17s (maybe they were 18s…), a pretty nice stereo, and it was lowered a little. Much nicer than the EG Civic coupe hed had before that. He also, of course, had a 2.5 inch cat-back with a super loud muffler which led to his car being called the bumble bee.

Lets not forget Joe Ippolito and his NASA-winning SE-R either. Joe took the trophy for his class at the NASA Nationals last year, and will probably do just as well this year. Hes also stolen a few track records throughout the south-east United States. By the way- Joe is running Ksport suspension.

Well, maybe the the SE-R Spec V isnt such a bad choice…