Telemarketers. They suck.

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So about 8 months ago, I switched to Cricket for my cell phone service. Cricket looked like a good idea for me, on paper… Unlimited everything, I could flash my Verizon phone that I had just spent a few hundred dollars on, and they had coverage everywhere I needed it. With the switch came a new number… Which apparently belonged to a Lena Jackson before I had it. I have been receiving calls for this Lena Jackson character since the new service… And they wont stop. I get calls from bill collectors, telemarketers, and random people. Its ridiculous. I got 7 calls from Bank of America yesterday. They keep telling me theyve taken my number out of their database, but every few months they start calling again. Id love to switch my number, except that I made the mistake of printing up business cards for my photography with this number and Ive passed out over 200 cards to current or potential clients, as well as industry contacts. Im stuck with this number, and the legacy of the elusive Lena M. Jackson. Thanks, Lena. I hope youre alive and well somewhere, and Id appreciate it if youd pay Bank of America.