Tage at Super Lap Battle 09 UPDATE!

Categories: Ksport, Sponsored Cars

We’ve finally gotten our hands on the final 1080p HD version of Tage Evanson’s footage from the Super Lap Battle. This was filmed with one of our GoPro Motorsports Hero cameras.

Tage ran a best lap time of 1:53.002, which put him at number eleven of 51 total drivers. Evanson runs in the Unlimited FF class, and his 1:53.002 time makes him the 2nd fastest car in his class. Christian Rado of WORLD Racing managed to hold a 3.299 lead over the HASport/Ksport Civic hatchback. Overall, Tage’s run at the Super Lap Battle was a success.

Ksport is working with HASport Performance and Tage Evanson to produce an even faster combination for next year. In addition to Evansons EG hatchback, Ksport will be campaigning a new car for next season. We won’t tell you just what it is quite yet, but it’s unique.