Step by Step Guide on Measuring your Wheel for Brake Clearance

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IMPORTANT: Before purchasing a Ksport Big Brake Kit, you should always confirm that the vehicle’s wheels have adequate clearance, regardless of wheel size. The wheel fitment template is for reference, and all possible measurements should be double checked to ensure clearance between the brake caliper and all points of the wheel. If there is an interference issue, you will need to change to a different wheel that will accept the template provided. Ksport Performance braking systems are always designed to maximize fitment.  

To determine if your wheel has adequate clearance, be sure to follow the instructions below: 

The Template 

  • Step 1: Locate your vehicle using the Year/Make/Model search on
  • Step 2: Pick the brake system of choice for your vehicle and note the MPN number. This can be found on the product page, beneath the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  • Step 3: Submit a Sales Inquiry to request a brake template for the desired part number. Be sure to include the MPN and any questions in this submission. *Note: Please allow 2-4 days for brake template processing.
  • Step 4: Once a Ksport team member provides you with a PDF for the brake template, print out the document at full scale (100% size). 
  • Step 5: Glue or tape the printed template to a piece of cardboard/cardstock to make a more rigid template. 
  • Step 6: Cut out the template along the dashed lines of the sheet to get the shape of the template. 


Measuring Your Wheel 

  • Step 1: Remove a wheel from your vehicle 
  • Step 2: Lay the wheel down on its face over a protected surface like rubber or a blanket to make sure the wheel is not damaged. 
  • Step 4: Hold the brake template to the back of the wheel aligning the marks on the template with one of the lug bolt holes. The template will be tested standing on its edge vertically. 
  • Step 5: If the template contacts the inner wheel spokes, use a wheel spacer to move the wheel outwards, away from the caliper. We recommend utilizing high quality hubcentric spacers when using spacers, or bolt on wheel spacers torqued to factory specs. It is important to confirm that the wider track will allow the tire to clear the fenders in all positions.  

For better clarity, use the photo instructions below for your reference.