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Quality Control Process

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Quality Control Process
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Quality Control Process

Our #1 focus is high quality products. Our engineers spend extensive time analyzing materials used in all of our products to ensure they hold up to the highest standards. Materials from every shipment we receive are thoroughly tested and re-tested. If any materials are out of spec, the entire lot of material is pulled before it ever hits the production line and sent back to the supplier. Below you will see for yourself some of the high quality machines that are used to test various aspects of what goes into manufacturing Ksport products.

All parts are tested in a salt sprayer which simulates 3 years of exposure to a highly corrosive environment in only 30 days.   Metal pieces are tested for hardness using special calibrated equipment.
All metal pieces are inspected for smoothness and flaws using state of the art scanning equipment.   Shocks are randomly chosen for our shock dyno to make sure all compression and rebound results are within specification.
Every brake rotor is checked and balanced before leaving our facility   Shock bodies are periodically tested for endurance and strength and put through vigorous procedures that compress the shock one million times.
Lower mounts are CNC machined to exact specs every time   Spring perches and locking collars start out as long pieces of aluminum