08-12 Honda Accord – Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension

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Airtech Deluxe Honda Accord Air Suspension improves upon our Airtech Basic kit with upgrades to enhance performance and comfort. The Airtech Deluxe system includes everything from our Basic kit as well as two electronic switches for more precise control over manual paddle valves and a wireless remote control. Adjustable lower mounts allow height to be set further down at a point which does not compromise suspension travel so it’s easy to cruise potholed streets at a lowered ride height without you, your suspension components, or sensitive vehicle electronics taking a pounding. All Hoses, wiring, and installation manuals are included with Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension.
Works With
Honda Accord Crosstour 2010-2015 FWD/AWD | Acura TSX 2009-2013 | Honda Accord 2008-2012 4/6 cyl
4/6 cyl

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The Airtech Deluxe Honda Accord Air Suspension system builds upon our Airtech Basic kit with upgrades to performance and comfort. The system comes standard with everything from our Basic Kit including 4 high quality air struts, a Viair 444c compressor which can be raised from the lowest setting to max height in as little as 4* seconds, a 200 psi dual needle gauge and a 5-gallon black steel air tank. In addition, the Airtech Deluxe system also features two electronic switches (front/rear and up/down) for more precise control over manual paddle valves, a hand-held wireless remote control allowing you to operate the kit from outside the vehicle, and a stylish and easy to install control box to house all electronics.

The Ksport Airtech Deluxe Honda Accord Model Air Suspension System is designed for easy bolt on-installation with no modifications to OEM shock absorbers or OEM top mounts required, making it the perfect choice for those who want a complete bare bones direct bolt in air suspension system. All Hoses, wiring, and installation manuals are included with the Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension.
*Airtech Pro Plus and Airtech Executive Air Suspension systems will raise your vehicle in 2-5 seconds. Airtech Deluxe and Airtech Basic systems require 4-7 seconds.


5 Gallon Air Tank with Carpeted Mounting Board
Black Steel 5-gallon air tank is included with the Airtech Deluxe and Airtech Basic Air Suspension kits.


Electronic Switches & 200 PSI Dual Needle Gauge
Electronic switches offer more precise control over manual paddle valves. Control is two way adjustable (front and back). A 200 psi dual needle gauge is also included along with mounting bracket for a clean install.


easy to install air suspensionSeamless Installation
The Airtech Deluxe control unit offers as simple of an installation as possible. Simply run your air lines to the box and connect 4 wires to our quick disconnect plug, wire up the compressors and relay and you’re done.


Wireless Remote Control
Adjust your ride height from outside your car with the included wireless remote control.


viair air compressorViair 444c Air Compressor
Chosen for reliability and performance, the Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension kit comes with a single Viair 444c Compressor.


air suspension height adjustmentWide Range of Height Adjustability
The Airtech Deluxe System offers height adjustment ranging 0 to 120/200mm depending on the vehicle.


best air bagsHigh Pressure Air Bags
Air bags are engineered and designed to match your vehicle. Depending on the type of OEM suspension your vehicle has, sleeve type and double bellow type bags are available. Air pressure directly corresponds with how stiff or soft your car rides – higher psi results in a stiffer ride while lower psi results in a softer ride.


Air SuspensionHigh Performance Shock Absorbers
All Ksport Air Suspension systems come with the same quality shocks that are standard in our best-selling Kontrol Pro Coilover kits. Air kit shocks have a different internal valving setting to accommodate changes in psi.


air suspension perfect ride heightAdjustable Lower Mount
Like our coilover kits, our Air Suspension systems allow the option for further fine tuning of ride height at any psi with an adjustable lower mount. This allows you to get the perfect ride height at almost any psi that you are comfortable driving at.


air suspension adjustable damping36-Way Adjustable Damping
All Ksport Airtech Air Suspension kits offer 36 levels of damping which allow you to dial in your air suspension even further. Set damping softer (counterclockwise) or stiffer (clockwise) by simply inserting the included damping knob and turning it either way.


12 Month Limited Warranty
Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension systems come standard with a 12-month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.


Easy Installation
Ksport Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension kits are designed for easy bolt-on installation. No modifications to OEM shock absorbers, or OEM top mounts is required. Professional installation is recommended. View Installation Instructions.


Standard Kit Includes:

  • (4) High performance Ksport shock absorbers with 36 levels of damping and adjustable lower mount
  • (4) High pressure air bags designed and engineered to match your vehicle
  • (1) 5-gallon air tank with 1/4” port (x2) and 3/8” port (x2)
  • (1) Black carpeted mounting board
  • (1) VIAIR 444c compressor
  • (1) 165-200 psi pressure switch
  • (2) 30amp Relay
  • (2) Electronic switch w/mounting plate
  • (1) 200 psi dual needle gauge w/mounting plate
  • (1) Electronic Control Unit
  • (1) Remote Control
  • (3) 6mm 3-direction fitting
  • (1) 10mm L-shape fitting
  • (1) 10mm 1/4″ outer pitch L-shape fitting
  • (1) 6mm 1/8” inner pitch fitting
  • (1) Iron plug
  • (1) 1/8PT to 1/4 pitch fitting
  • (1) 3/8-1/4 fitting
  • (1) 3/8” hose fitting
  • (4) Rivet
  • (1) 25m 1/4″ air line
  • (1) 1m 10mm air line
  • (1) 5m power wire
  • (1) Tool kit including spanner wrenches, damping adjustment knobs & brake line brackets (application specific)
  • (1) Owner’s manual

*Important Note: Ksport Airtech Air Suspension kits are built to order – please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery.

Additional information

Weight 119 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 13 in






Top Mount Front

Aluminum Mount

Top Mount Rear

Aluminum Mount

Below is a list of automobiles the 08-12 Honda Accord - Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension works with.

2010HondaAccord Crosstour
2011HondaAccord Crosstour
2012HondaAccord Crosstour
2013HondaAccord Crosstour
2014HondaAccord Crosstour
2015HondaAccord Crosstour


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