Overall Recap for NASA Time Trial Nationals 2009

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Just to clarify for everyone, heres what happened at the NASA Nationals event at Miller Motorsports Park on September 16th, 2009…

Ksport had drivers from 3 Classes in 2 Groups representing us and our products at the event, and all 3 did very well. In the TTC Class, Brady Dohrmann in his BMW M3 from Mesa, Arizona put down a 2:11.348 Lap, securing 2nd Place for the weekend. Dohrmann was about 7/10ths of a second faster than a Lotus Elise, and almost 3.5 seconds faster than Scion tC. Ian Stewart, in his Mini Cooper S managed to outdo Brady by a slim half-second. Another Arizona driver, Tage Evanson, managed to work his 1995 Honda Civic around Miller in a scant 2:03.031, beating out a slew of Rear-wheel and All-wheel driven vehicles. Evos, STis, 2 Corvettes, an RX7, BMW, and a Porsche all fell prey to Casper, the white EG Honda Civic. As the only Front Wheel Drive vehicle in sight, Evanson managed to impress every driver in his class, including the 2 Corvettes that managed to escape his wrath. Kenneth Smith and Geffrey Sawtelle ran their vettes around Miller .038 and .533 faster than Tage, respectively. Oh, and by the way- Tage is VERY close to beating Chris Rados FWD Lap Record at Buttonwillow. If he does it, hell be the fastest Front Wheel Drive to ever hit that track. Very impressive for a guy who only does this part-time, without huge corporate sponsorships.

The star of the show however was Joe Ippolito of Cummings, Georgia. Joe has been rocking the Southeast Region in NASA and other events with his 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R for the past few years now, and this year was an awesome one for Joe and his team. Of the 7 tracks in the Southeast Region, Joe holds 3 track records for his class. Now, to some, that in itself may not be that impressive. Take into account the fact that Joe is still running a Normally Aspirated 4 Cylinder QR25DE engine in a sedan with basic bolt-ons and street suspension, and things start to come hurtling into perspective rather quickly. Almost as quickly as his Miller Motorsports Park lap time, which for the record was 2:17.990. Thats 2.22 seconds faster than his nearest opponent! Thats the biggest gap between a 1st and 2nd place in ALL of Group G for the 2009 Nationals!

Ok, so I mentioned that Joe is still on street suspension, right? He and Tage are both running Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers with custom spring rates. Anybody could order the EXACT same setup. No custom valving, no high-end inverted shocks or remote reservoirs. Keep that in mind when you think about the track on your Kontrol Pros!

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