Matt on the East Coast

Categories: Ksport

I recently took some time away from the daily grind and visited Maryland. That part of the country is so different from what Im used to! So many of the buildings are old, the roads are beat up, it gets humid, and theres actually trees!! I enjoyed seeing the scenery and checking out all the old buildings, and we had fun in D.C…. Except that the reflecting pool was drained. I was really disappointed by that. All in all, I liked the East Coast. Ocean City was BORING though. Definitely not what I had expected after seeing H2Oi coverage but it makes sense. Its mostly old people this time of year. Maybe next time I head out that way Ill get to make it to NYC. Heres a few photos I snapped while I was out there. Waffle Shop (by Eastern-Shore-8 (by Unknown Soldier (by