Living The Low Life G35 Coupe

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G35 Coupe

This is Dustin’s G35 coupe. He is one of our sales reps. When he is not cruising the streets of Gilbert, AZ breaking necks he enjoys going to LA Fitness and performing 3 hours of low intensity cardio, generally with 2.5 lb dumbbells in each hand to get that extra “pump”. He also enjoys showing off his new Pebble watch which he believes is the best invention since protein shakes. Nonetheless, Dustin drives his G daily. Thanks to our Kontrol Pro Coilovers, he rides at this height.

Other noticeable modifications besides the Matte Gray wrapped chassis, include 19×10 -2 and 19×11 -6 Forgestar super DEEP concave F14s. The finish is Matte Metallic Red. Additionally, it’s mounted on 225.35.19 & 245.35.19 Federal SS595 tires. Dustin’s G35 Coupe features an AIT Racing carbon fiber trunk & roof spoiler. Moreover, it also includes AIT Racing front lip, emblem-less flat black front grille and a hello kitty batman sticker.

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Front view of G35 Coupe                   Front of G35 Coupe                   Back of G35 Coupe                   G35 on the road                   Bumper sticker on the back of the G35 Coupe