Kyoei USA x Big C/Kareem E. x Ksport USA

Categories: Ksport

I recently received a tip from the guys over at Kyoei USA about them being featured in the Japanese mag VIPCAR. As one would expect, VIPCAR Magazine tends to feature cars, shops, and just about anything related to the VIP movement. Kareems GS300 is the embodiment of a proper VIP vehicle, with proper wheel fitment, window curtains, a champagne bottle holder… The list goes on. Basically his car is a rolling VIP lounge. As far as suspension, a Ksport Airtech system keeps the GS stanced properly. As for the other character pictured, thats Big C. Legend has it that Big C was once called Chris, and that he owns a hellaflush-approved Z33. Alright, enough banter. Heres a snapshot of the feature.