Ksport Persona for Firefox

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I recently heard about these things called Personas for Firefox. In case you dont know about Firefox, its a great alternative to Internet Explorer. I wont get into all the technical reasons in this post but heres the basics. Firefox is safer, faster, and open-source. In addition to that, Firefox has tons of cool add-ons and plug-ins created by both Mozilla Labs and a huge community of users.
One of these cool add-ons is called Personas, and its from Mozilla Labs. Personas allows you to create and apply different themes for your Firefox browser, and makes it almost too simple. You can do change your theme as often as you want, with just a few mouse clicks.
The cool thing about Personas is that you can create your own, so long as you have the legal right to any images you use. I went ahead and created a few for KSport. Actually, Im not gonna lie, I created one for KSport. But I did do a few different colors ( :

Anyway, the blue KSport USA persona is available as I type this, with the others being reviewed by Mozilla Labs right now.

Heres the link to install the Personas add-on.
and heres the Persona