Ksport Car Meet/BBQ/Harlem Shake Video/Extravaganza

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First off we want to thank everyone who came out!! Great people, nice cars, food, drinks, costumes, music, dancing and fun times just about sums up this event. Thanks to Dustin Millard and Corey Hosford for organizing the meet and keeping everyone entertained with their colonial outfits. Its always nice to see the local Arizona car scene come together to just relax and have a good time. Here is the end result of all the madness!!!

Cant have a car meet/BBQ/dance party extravaganza without a DJ. Big thanks to Aj Djeffect Campbell!!

Cant come to a Harlem Shake video without a funky get up…

Super clean Mugen Si dropped on Kontrol Pro coilovers

mugen civic ksport coilover slammed lowered agressive

Clean TSX

acura tsx slammed lowered black aggressive

No meet is complete without a redneck drinkin a Coors Light

Thanks to the Lowballers / Supreme Function for bringing some of their crews cars out

Don’t see many EF Civic hatchbacks in Arizona this clean. JDM SiR parts galore

civic ef sir front end white clean bmw e30 slammed lowered black

Corey Hosford pointing the way (to what, I have no idea)

Dustin Millard showing the crowd how colonial men dance

The staycrushing FRS was definitely the hit of the meet. Such a badass car!

frs scion rocket bunny forgestar lowered vortech supercharger stance fitment awesome badass


My view from the top of our coilover racks

Love the 06-11 Civic Si Sedans

Some nice cars were lurkin in the streets around our facility…

Stoopidlow representin

Another Si Sedan slammed on our Kontrol Pros

Whos this sexy guy…