Ken Block x Snow Drift x Ford Fiesta

Categories: Ksport

Okay, okay… So I’m like 2 weeks late on this. Who cares?? I’ve been working on getting the online store going, so replacement parts can be ordered online. More on that later… Ken Block recently went over to Ford, which was unexpected but is pretty cool. I’m very glad to see the Fiesta making a comeback. Moreover, check this video of Mr. Block tearin’ it up in the Michigan snow. Notice the animal dart across the road at about 2:16? Notice how Ken just barely slows down? That’s about the kind of resolve I would expect from a man doing 110mph on ice and snow covered roads that are lined with pine trees. The co-drivers have got to be even more brave. I know sitting in the passenger seat is a lot more terrifying than being in control of the vehicle. Furthermore, watch the video below to see Ken Block Snow Drift!

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