Industry Track Day

Categories: Ksport, Scene and Industry, Sponsored Cars

So, this weekend KSport headed out of the dry Arizona desert towards California, for the Industry Track Day at Streets of Willow.

Less than 10 minutes after the crews first tweet, catastrophe struck. Oh, but it gets better! With the turbocharged Right-hand drive Honda Integra Type-R stranded in the Sonora Desert, things weren’t looking great.

Of course, you cant keep the KSport guys down and by 8 a.m., Streets of Willow was about to meet its match. By the end of the day, KSport had sealed their spot as the fastest car on the track. Not bad considering it was a brand new track for us! Needless to say, Industry Track Day was a success for KSport.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us, as well as our competitors.
Oh, and apparently, the UMS guys are a bit of exhibitionists.