Good Movie Night

Categories: Ksport

Has anyone else seen that new flick, District 9? We went and saw it last night over at Tempe Marketplace.

After being accosted by a young man who sold me tickets at half price, we found some seats (Cine Capri ftw) and settled in to enjoy this epically-long movie (1 hr 50 mins). I dont want to ruin it, but it was pretty good. Totally NOT the story I was expecting. I actually noticed a lot of similarities between the story and whats happened to cultures in the past. About halfway through the movie, I started trying to figure out why a kid who seemed really sketchy had sold me some tickets that were already torn, and had mentioned he saw it already. thats when it dawned on me. He bought tickets for the 7:00 showing, saw an earlier one with said tickets and then sold them to me for half-price. Not a bad deal for either of us.

Oh, and if MNU had been using anything other than AKs, Christopher totally woulda died. Silly Kalashnikovs and their inaccuracies. Thats the second revelation I had during the movie.