2014 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition Featuring Ksport Suspension

Categories: Scene and Industry

                          DDR Motorsport recently shared an image on our Facebook page of their newest creation the 2014 Miami GT Grand Prix Edition kit car. Weve been working with DDR Motorsport for a few years now and they have always been running our Kontrol Pro coilover systems in their custom made vehicles that are based off a Toyota MR2 chassis. DDR Motorsport is now exclusively using Ksport Suspension in all of their built to order 2014 Miami GT models as OE equipment. This car can be set up several ways as far as options go and most importantly, powerplant wise. Customers are able to choose between several engine mount set ups including the Toyota MR2 engine, Acura K20 from the RSX or even a Chevy LS series v8. With a curb weight of less than 2200 lbs this thing is sure to be very quick no matter which powerplant you choose! Contact DDR Motorsport for more info!